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you want to attract

In order to become what you want in life, you must believe it enough in your mind that it changes how you are.  Success takes endurance and motivation and in order to remain in a place of confidence, you must surround yourself with the same energy you desire to become. 

Connect with people who will help build you up, remind you of your purpose and hold you accountable.  No more lazy and wasteful days.  Those stop NOW!  Today you will conqueror each day with ambition and strive.  Focus on what is important, create a strategy that will cause you to be successful.  Stay connected and stay positive!  





You must first make up your mind and decide that it is time to make a change.  No longer will you repeat the same cycle of  not moving forward. Make up your mind, you can change your outcome.




Now that you have made up your mind and agree that it is time to move forward, the next step is to make that call.  Making that call is a major step to starting a relationship with an accountability coach who will assist you on your journey.




After a plan has been created by you and your coach, the next step is action.  Success comes to those who are coming for it.  Proper direction and motivation connected with your determination will allow you to reach your planned destination. 


is priceless

Free your mind and the rest will follow….the words from an old song sung bu EnVogue.  Those words possess power and will play a key role in your success.  It’s time to overcome the obstacles and achieve your life-long dreams.
Our team is here to guide you towards the right path!

Allow us to help you break free of the chains that has been holding you back.  No longer will you feel like something is causing you to stand still.  With the motivation and help of Coach Crawford, we are certain that you will take the necessary steps to get closer to your goals.  We believe in you and you should also!

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LaShonda Crawford is a certified life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, author and she is an ordained Elder. She is the co-founder of a graphic and marketing company Incredesign since 2007. Coach LaShonda Crawford has been actively involved in changing the lives of women through sharing her experiences, her tragedies, and her victories for over 13 years.  Coach Crawford believes that as women, it is important that we learn to work together to compliment each other’s goals and vision instead of focusing on competing with each other.  As a woman who is a preacher, she believes and preaches the word of God to those who are seeking and are in need of healing and deliverance from God.  As an entrepreneur Coach Crawford helps others discover ways to market and brand their organizations.  As an author, her goal is to inspire others to develop methods that will enable them to stay on the path of success and maintain a level of strength so that they are able to stand while they are on their journey.  As a motivational speaker, she is driven to push others to the next level and as a life coach, her objective is to hold you accountable so that your vision and plans can become a reality.

Coach Crawford is also currently pursuing her degree at Liberty University as well as she holds a degree in Information Technology.  She has been married for over 13 years as well as the mother of three awesome kids.


Join us on May 12, 2018 at 10am for our upcoming event, “Brand New You”  You can register by clicking the link below.  

My relationship with Coach Lashonda Crawford started when I attended her May 2017 Brand New You event. Prior to this event, I had never met her.  I remember walking into the session about 10-15 minutes before start time and noticing how everything was setup, ready to go.  She greeted me with a smile.  Her materials were on the tables ready for her guests.  All she had to do was wait for us to arrive.  She was prepared.  I knew from the onset that we would be working together in the future I was impressed by her level of engagement and her ability to connect with each individual in the room, the wealth of knowledge and experience she shared and the manner in which she presented herself and her business.  When I walked into the Brand New You session, I literally had a passion – inner and outer beauty.  She confirmed that I had a business!  Coach Crawford helped me bring my passion and vision to life.  Her creativity and expertise with branding and marketing helped me to develop a logo and a website that I absolutely love and helped me successfully launch my business in 6 months.  I am already looking forward to even more collaborations and engagement with Coach Crawford and IncreDesign!
Keisa Adams, My Beauty Speaks,
From our first encounter Coach Crawford showed genuine enthusiasm about my business and product. During our consultation (before we entered any business relationship), she gave idea after idea on how to market and make my business excel, none of which I had even considered. This let me know that she had been thinking about my business and was genuinely interested in making it successful. Our first business item, was to create a logo. I had no idea what I wanted. She sent me the first options and I loved them all! My response to her was: "YOU NAILED IT!". Thank you Coach Crawford! You really brought my heart, passion and thoughts to life!      ~Tina Payton
Tina Payton, WellThy Place
There are no words to express how much Coach Crawford has blessed my life and ministry. Their gifts have helped to transform my brand into a recognizable name with a sleek image. People are always asking me who does my graphics because of the professionalism and attention to detail. They always know how to capture my vision and create a visual reality. I will always be grateful for the privilege to experience their work first hand.
Crystal Smith, CEO @ She Blossoms, Inc.